Worship ServiceWhen we gather each Sunday, we never just ‘go through the motions’. We don’t do the same thing every week, and we don’t want to. 

Our desire is to be in a place filled with the presence of God, to exalt the Son of God, and to be moved by the Spirit of God. When we make room for Him to work, the people of God will be encouraged, challenged, and changed. 

We want to leave each Sunday behaving more and more like the one we came to worship.





Currently we are offering 2 opportunities to join us for worship on Sunday mornings:

  •  8:20 AM - In the Sanctuary
  •  11:00 AM - In the Sanctuary

As the weather changes, we will switch the outdoor and indoor services accordingly. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Also be sure to join us at our Wednesday night services for a time of worship and prayer. You will be blessed as we join together to seek the face of God Almighty.