The vision & mission of Embrace Grace & Embrace Life in Wilkes County is to love & encourage both single + pregnant women in our community and single moms in our community. We offer these women practical, emotional & spiritual support, giving them the tools they need to change their families for eternity.

Both Embrace Grace (for single + pregnant moms) & Embrace Life (for single moms), are great places to get involved in ministry within Fairplains Baptist Church and to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community. These moms need to know they are loved, valuable & supported. That’s where we come in!
Through our message of love, we are helping women see that they can have their baby and their dreams, too! Being pro-life is a stance, a belief system, a vote - and it’s important. But being pro-love is an action, the boots on the ground, the hands and feet of Jesus, the church.
Pray fervently for how God would get you involved in these two groups. Is He calling you to be a co-leader? Is He calling you to pray fervently for these precious moms & babies? Maybe even heading up a prayer team in our community. Is He calling you to prepare meals to nourish their bodies? Is He calling you to shower them with love & gifts?

Pray & get involved!

For more information regarding either being a part of an Embrace Grace group as a mom or volunteer, please email Heather Holbrook at or leave a message at the church office for a return call (336) 667-6695.