Staff David DyerGrowing up in a Christian home and being loved and raised by his parents, Les and Jan Dyer, is something David is most thankful for. David grew up in church, and heard the gospel early and often from the Pastors of his two childhood churches. Phil Chapman and Jim Gore were instrumental in providing a spiritual foundation for David, and he still remembers many of their sermons. When he was 11 years old, David met Jesus. On September 27th, 1995, David found himself on the front pew of Welcome Home Baptist Church while at a youth rally. With his middle school football jersey on, David heard the powerful words delivered by Evangelist Wade Ivy about Heaven, Hell, and the One who gave His life to save the world. Concerning the moment of his salvation, David often says, “I don’t know if I was saved in the pew or at the altar, but I like to think that it happened somewhere in between as I came forward to give my heart to Jesus.” 

Although another story might overlook the years between ages 11 and 20, David sees them as a time when God was most gracious. “I lived like a fool, made countless mistakes, had all the wrong priorities, and put myself first at every opportunity; but God was faithful. He never let me go and He never stopped telling me that He loved me. Eventually, He won me back to Himself, and now I want the whole world to know that God is able to do the same thing for them that He’s done for me.” 

After meeting his bride-to-be at Wingate University, David came back to Wilkes. While he and Carolyn were making plans for their future, God was doing work in both of their lives. David began serving in the praise team at his church, and with the support, love, and guidance of his Pastors, Craig Church and Shannon Critcher, he grew closer to the Lord than ever before. 

In the Fall of 2005, while driving along the Yadkin River on Hwy 268, God called David into the ministry. David was engaged to Carolyn the following February, began serving at his first church (Shoal Creek Baptist) under the leadership of Pastor Dick Westbrook in June, and was married in October of 2006. 

In the years to follow, David served as an Evangelist with Craig Church Ministries and as the Associate Pastor/Worship Leader/Youth Pastor at Oakwoods Baptist under the leadership of Pastor Robert Duncan. He also completed his degree in religion from Liberty University. 

In November of 2015, David accepted the call of God and the people here at Fairplains to become their shepherd. Since then, countless incredible things have been accomplished for the glory of the Lord. Pastor David explains the ongoing experience like this: “Dozens have been saved and baptized. Many are attending church for the first time or for the first time in a long time. Marriages have been restored and homes have been strengthened. Those long overlooked by others have been given a special place to play. Children fill our hallways, rooms, and sanctuary with laughs and occasional cries. Beautiful partnerships with other local churches and their leaders have been established.” As our church moves forward, Pastor David sees great things on the horizon. “The Gospel will be preached, the Holy Spirit will be welcomed, lives will be transformed, chains will be broken, and Jesus will be exalted. We’re seeking the Kingdom of God, and we’ll never settle for anything less than the best God desires to give His people.”

David and Carolyn have been blessed by God with 6 of the most beautiful people in the world: Attilyn, Layden, Cooper, Ellie, Sawyer, and Julia. The Dyer gang live on a tract of land in Mulberry and have named it “Jubilee Farms.” They raise cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits, and bees, and they grow veggies, berries, and kids.